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Our goal is to provide menstrual products to the homeless and income insecure, as these products are rarely donated to shelters.

We also strive to destigmatize menstruation and dissociate it from an inherently feminine experience.

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We know things have been tough during the COVID-19 epidemic. We're now offering free delivery of menstrual products to those that need them!

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Photo from New donation bin location

New donation bin location

Hey, Folks! We are excited to announce we have a new donation bin location! Intent Coffee is a new, Queer-Pilipinx owned and QTBIPOC run coffee shop whose vision is to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable coffee industry and envisioning a better, kinder, and a more just world. By…

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Photo from Lots of Products to Go Around!

Lots of Products to Go Around!

Our friend @behrwithme graciously donated us a shelving unit, and boy, are we grateful! This is Coehn’s dining room in its current state. There are still more products uncounted, and therefore not on this wall. If you are in need of menstrual products, please fill out our request form on…

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Photo from Donations from Camp Pekiwewin

Donations from Camp Pekiwewin

It took a couple hours, but we have counted all the menstrual products and other accessories we received from @pekiwewin and @treaty6outreach today. This week, we will be hosting a giveaway in celebration of the total donation count. Keep an eye out for us. We are feeling such overwhelming love…

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Hi, everyone. We are disappointed to announce that we will no longer have donation bins at @aradiayeg Aradia Fitness was recently sent a call to action letter (link below) asking for improvements to make the studios a safer space for all, with a focus on LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC individuals. When…

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